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Celebrating 100 years of Media Education

Media education completes 100 years; but do media industries in South Asia stand by its value? In recent days, the way Indian media created hullaballoo with most of the non-news items has set an image deteriorating media values. From Television Rating Point (TRP) scam to Media Trial, the media education seemed to face its dire consequence of compromising media values.

Dr. Anamika Ray Memorial Trust (ARMT) in collaboration with Institute of Media Studies and Research (IMSR), India; and Institute for International Journalism, Ohio University, USA sets a stepping stone in celebrating the importance and significance of Media education in its completion of 100 years. It is all set to commemorate “100 Years of Media Education in South Asia: Decoding South Asian Mystique” along with 40 organisations of India and other neighboring countries. The basic aim of the International Web Convention is to promote media education in South Asia to enhance the media literacy rate.

The centenary year of 2020 is not only a milestone to celebrate but also an opportunity to evaluate the achievements and shortcomings as well. It will help us chart an action plan for a futuristic development of media education in the country. On the occasion, abstracts are invited by November 15, 2020, 11:59 pm

(Indian Standard Time).

Check on the website for more details and click on "Register Now" to submit the abstract.

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